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All the jobs!

Whenever I would get frustrated by the lack of results I’ve had in the past three months of job hunting, my friends would always attribute to it being summertime and everyone being on vacation. They promised that the interviews would come after or near Labor Day. They were right. I’ve been on two interviews since Labor Day and have turned down three others.

Why did I turn down three others? Because I got a job offer! It was my first interview after Labor Day and I just hit it off with my interviewers. I felt at ease during the interview and just got a really good vibe from them. The feeling was mutual, according to them. After hearing good things about me from my references, I was offered the position.

However, since I had already scheduled another interview in the week, I didn’t want to accept the job immediately. I had a good feeling about the position, but I wanted to give the other place a chance, just in case it was better. It wasn’t. The interview went well and the people who interviewed me were nice. But, I didn’t like the area and it was a much longer commute. Plus, their brand look didn’t jive with my design style. So, later in the day, I officially accepted the job from the first interview. I start tomorrow!