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All the jobs!

Whenever I would get frustrated by the lack of results I’ve had in the past three months of job hunting, my friends would always attribute to it being summertime and everyone being on vacation. They promised that the interviews would come after or near Labor Day. They were right. I’ve been on two interviews since Labor Day and have turned down three others.

Why did I turn down three others? Because I got a job offer! It was my first interview after Labor Day and I just hit it off with my interviewers. I felt at ease during the interview and just got a really good vibe from them. The feeling was mutual, according to them. After hearing good things about me from my references, I was offered the position. Continue reading

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On a weight loss journey

I used to go to the gym regularly – almost 2-3 times per week. I would wake up around 4.45 AM to get ready for the gym, and then spend 30-45 minutes circuit training. I never looked forward to it, but I knew I needed to do it to keep up with my eating. After a very cold and long winter, I gave up on the gym. I just couldn’t motivate myself to wake up that early to go to the gym anymore. And, then came on the weight Now, I had to figure out to lose two years worth of inactivity.

I knew I hated working out and dieting, so I needed to find another way. In April, after years of price-watching Fitbit on my Amazon Wish List, I finally bit the bullet and bought a Fitbit One. Because Fitbit’s food database wasn’t very big, I signed up for MyFitnessPal, too, and synced it with my Fitbit. I knew that it would eventually become a lifestyle change, so I started out slowly. I started out with a weight loss goal of 0.5 lbs per week and a goal to lose 15 lbs. Continue reading


A new job!

All the positivity I’ve been collecting from the universe regarding one of my previous posts must’ve finally caught up to me because I finally have a new job. Funnily enough, just last week, my friend and I were in the city for a summer festival by the water, and I remarked to her how great it would be to work in the area.

My first day was nice. There was another new hire, who had a Serenity quote on the back of his car, so we bonded a bit on that. Someone also celebrated his birthday during my first day, so that was nice. All in all, I have a good feeling about this job, especially since all of my other previous ones haven’t been great.

Looks like the tarot lady’s first prediction came true…