What’s with all the spam?

Comment spam

Leftover unmoderated comments

Over the past few days, I’ve noticed an uptick in spam comments in my dashboard. Email notifications are set up when comments go into moderation so my email has been blowing up lately! I’m assuming the traffic is good for my blog as it’ll help bump up my page ranking?

Funnily enough, those icons represent exactly what I think of these spammers.

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Back to WordPress!

I gave Posterous a try for a bit, but there were some things that I wished I had more control over. Plus, their Android app was crap and I couldn’t even edit posts, save drafts, or moderate comments. All that stuff had to be done on the computer¬†

Anyhoo, my friend and I checked out Tea By Two, a tea place near her town. It was very homey, country-inspired tea house. It’s definitely just like going for tea at grandmother’s house. The tea sandwiches and scones were very tasty, and I love the free refills on the tea!¬† They say they’re not happy unless we’re happy meaning we can switch our tea flavor anytime we wanted to. If you’re ever in Harford County, give it a try! :kiss: