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A job in higher education

I’ve been looking for a job since I’m tired of doing freelance. Plus, I miss working in an actual work environment with coworkers to chat with.

I’d like to work in a local college/university. I like that environment and I’d love to be able to take classes for free or at a discount, since I’ve always wanted to eventually get a Master’s degree. There’s just something about the possibility of continuously learning that I love. I’m a perpetual student, always learning new things. Plus, most schools pride themselves on staying current, so I’d always have access to state-of-the-art equipment. Also, they get deep discounts on some software. In college, I got Windows XP Pro for $15, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit for $25, and Microsoft Office for $5!

When I saw a job listing for a designer at my brother’s uni, I promptly applied. My odds are probably slim because there tends to be a lot of competition with these things. (It’s a good opportunity!) Imagine my surprise (and delight!) when I recently got an email saying that my resume has been accepted and is getting reviewed. I’m glad my resume at least made it through that first step.

I don’t have any delusions about getting the job because the competition is probably fierce, but I thought I’d put it out into the universe that I would love to have that job. Maybe you guys can help me by collectively wishing me luck, or something, sending some positive energy out there I don’t know if that really works, but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?