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Inadvertent heartthrob

I was cleaning out the unused pictures in my Photobucket account and came upon these:

Acqua test 01 Acqua test 02 Acqua test 03 Acqua test 04 Acqua test 05
(Click for a bigger size.)

Those pictures were were from my test sheet in photography class. The object of the assignment was to choose a product—in my case, Acqua di Gio, as suggested by my model because I had no idea what to do!

Anyway, the above model, Mark, came to me by accident. My original model, Ken, flaked on me claiming he had forgotten that we had scheduled the photo room. Years later, I found out that he had told people that “some random Asian girl came up to me asking me to pose for her!” Jerk! :evil: We went to the same high school and college! Not only that, but he volunteered for it, upon hearing me discuss the project with my friends. He’s quite the classy guy :roll:

When Mark heard that Ken flaked on me, he volunteered to be my new model. I’m so glad he did! Though the photo shoot was early in the morning, we had such a great time and it became a collaborative process. (The crotch shot was his idea!) And, I didn’t realize how photogenic he would be! Continue reading