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A fusion of color

As per Stress reliever and Let’s get crafty…, I’ve been feeling crafty lately; plus, it’s starting to get cold again, so I decided to whip up a scarf. A classmate of mine gave me a HUGE bag full of yarn as a thank you when I helped her with her class website, so I went digging through that stash to make these projects. I’ve crocheted 4 scarfs so far.

Luna Lovegood Scarf

A pale plum-colored scarf modeled after Luna Lovegood's scarf.

This scarf is for my friend. It’s modeled from Luna Lovegood’s scarf from the Harry Potter movies. You can get the free pattern here.

Multicolored Scarf

The curlicue of the scarf wraps up nicely around my neck.

This one made use of the leftover yarns in the stash, which explains why the colors continually changed. It came out way better than I thought it would.

Half Luna Scarf

I ran out of the blue yarn, so it's just a half scarf.

My first attempt at the Luna scarf came up short as I ran out of the blue yarn, so it ended up being a half scarf. The blue is actually darker in real life than in the picture. Fortunately, I don’t have any skinny scarves in my collection, so this will be my first. Quite the happy accident really.


21 thoughts on “A fusion of color

  1. Look at that colourful scarf! This is so amazing. I’ve wanted to try something crafty, I’ve yet to do so but hope to soon
    I also like the Luna one – anything remotely related to HP I like

    • anne says:

      Yup, that was one of the reasons I was drawn to it. It was HP-related! When you do end up doing something crafty, post it up for all to see!

  2. Nice! that plum-colored scarf looks lovely and that colorful one looks sooo festive! galing mo naman! i used to do crocheting while in HS (i know, eons ago) but stopped after that.

  3. I love crocheting!! I don’t know anyone else besides my grandma who crochets, so this post makes me really happy. I like to knit, too, and I have a few patterns picked out for scarves I want to knit over the holidays. I can’t wait to go home and buy all the yarn I need so I can get started. I have a whole bunch of random skeins of yarn, but they’re only good for small projects because I only have one skein of each color, and I’m really itching to make scarves, so.

    • anne says:

      Yay! Check out There are a lot of non-grandmas that crochet and knit and they like to put up their wonderful patterns for everyone to try

      Oooh, post up the scarves! I’d love to see them!

  4. Wow! That’s really wonderful. I can never do something like that! Not even close to that. I don’t know how to crochet… so I’m really amazed. I love the one patterned from Luna’s! The colorful one looks soo cute too. I wish I’d know how to crochet

  5. The scarves look lovely, I can’t wait until I start to crochet one! I made that goal about a month ago and I’m totally looking forward to starting, haha. I love skinny scarves, especially if they’re really long too. One day soon I need to start so it’ll be ready by autumn here.

    I always thought different coloured yarn/wool was odd, wondered how it would look when finished but I guess you could have different results. I would prefer one colour though, just in case I don’t like the outcome. XD

    • anne says:

      That’s fantastic! Post up pictures when you do.

      I don’t normally mix colors either, but I wanted to get rid of my scraps and this was the only thing I could come up with.

  6. Wow you’re so patient. I have learned how to crochet when I was in grade 5, I think but I didn’t have patience for that kind of thing haha

    • anne says:

      It’s a good stress reliever, especially if the pattern is easy and repetitive. You can pretty much just do while watching TV.

  7. They all look so nice! I don’t think I have enough patience for crochet, honestly, haha. I guess when you get used to a pattern it wouldn’t seem like much of a hassle, since it’s the sort of thing that just repeats over and over. Still, I never really understood how to do crochet, haha.

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