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Pottermore Account Validation

As someone who devoured the books, it’s only normal that I got excited when J.K. Rowling announced Pottermore, a “unique online Harry Potter experience” enabling millions of fans to interact with her books online. And, with the revelation that she’ll be sharing many more backstories and information about the world of Harry Potter, I promptly signed up to receive an email in October when the site was open to all! Like many fans, I didn’t want this magical world to end. This was my childhood. I grew up with these characters. And, in a weird way, they were my friends.

So, imagine my excitement when they announced on 31 July that we had 7 chances to receive an early spot to join the site well before it opens in October! We just had to decipher the clues and we’d be able to register. Unfortunately, I missed the clues on day 1 (posted at 4 am EST) and day 2 (posted at 5 am EST) as they opened while I was still asleep. I decided to take a chance and see if the day 3 clue would post at 6 am EST (see a pattern?) and I was rewarded with an early spot! Day 3’s Magical Quill was linked to an article on UK’s The Guardian about Pottermore. It’s a good read.

Now, we wait for a few weeks for our Welcome emails then we’ll be helping shape the Pottermore experience before it opens to all in October! I’m very excited! I wonder what House I’ll be sorted in… Hmm…


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