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Why I didn’t like my boss (ongoing)

My last boss was my most disliked boss of all-time. (All-time meaning that I’ve only had 3 major bosses in my lifetime and, so far, she’s been the worst.) I don’t think she’s a particularly mean person; just a highly unhappy one, who probably wanted to spread that unhappiness to everyone around her.

So, here goes my list, which I will keep updating as I remember more:

  1. She timed every conversation I would have with anyone at my desk, whether I would be on the phone, or at my desk, or at someone else’s office. When she felt like it was too long for a conversation (10 minutes), she would interrupt the conversation by pretending that she needed me or by paging me on the intercom for everyone to hear.
  2. I was forbidden to take walks. (She even threatened me with termination if I kept taking walks.)
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You know what I’m getting tired of? When I disagree with people and they don’t let me. Like I’m not entitled to my own opinion, or their opinion must be better than mine so I HAVE to agree. And it’s never on important issues, like civil rights; it’s always on small ones that don’t really matter, like preferring a color over another.