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Why I didn’t like my boss (ongoing)

My last boss was my most disliked boss of all-time. (All-time meaning that I’ve only had 3 major bosses in my lifetime and, so far, she’s been the worst.) I don’t think she’s a particularly mean person; just a highly unhappy one,¬†who¬†probably wanted to spread that unhappiness to everyone around her.

So, here goes my list, which I will keep updating as I remember more:

  1. She timed every conversation I would have with anyone at my desk, whether I would be on the phone, or at my desk, or at someone else’s office. When she felt like it was too long for a conversation (10 minutes), she would interrupt the conversation by pretending that she needed me or by paging me on the intercom for everyone to hear.
  2. I was forbidden to take walks. (She even threatened me with termination if I kept taking walks.)
  3. She hired me because I had both print and web design experience, yet refuses to acknowledge whatever expertise/education I had in either.
  4. Because I was young, she would never trust my answers to the daily crossword and would continually question them. She couldn’t fathom that anyone younger than her would know things that she didn’t know.
  5. She made it difficult to ask for days off, often citing nonsensical reasons on why I couldn’t take off. For example, I took off a little over a week for my trip to Japan in April 2013. When my best friend planned on visiting me over Memorial Day weekend, I asked for that 4-day week off. She refused, saying that because I took more than a week off in April, I couldn’t take 4 days off in May.
  6. Although I always finished projects before their due dates, she still questioned my work ethic, even “joking” one day that she would love to put a mirror opposite my corner to see if I’m really working. I replied with “Yeah, you should do that.” I’ve nothing to hide.
  7. She used to page me on the intercom for everyone to hear when I wasn’t at my desk at the moment she needed me. This usually happened when I was going to the bathroom to pee.