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JuiceCane external battery

JuiceCane external battery

Image from Indiegogo

My last phone didn’t last a full day on a charge, so I decided to buy an external battery for it. I stumbled onto the JuiceCane from an article on Mashable. After reading/watching favorable reviews, I pulled the trigger and backed their campaign. I chose the green JuiceCan.

It’s been great! I used it all the time, especially when I was traveling. The flashlight is very helpful, too. However, it stopped working a few days ago The flashlight/strobe bit still worked, but it stopped charging. The LED lights would indicate that I have a full charge, but the lights would never remain on long enough to charge my phone.

Last week, I contacted the man who ran the campaign and have not heard anything from him. Such a disappointment because it was a great product, and I really liked it. I guess it was too much to ask for him to care now that the campaign is over, and he’s gotten as much sales as he could out of it. Smh.

Interestingly enough. the JuiceCan is marked as “IWO Power Bank.” I Googled it and found their product page for the battery. Turns out the JuiceCan is an IWO P36 Power Bank. I wonder if the campaign founder owns IWO or if he simply bought a bunch of external batteries from them, and decided to sell it on Indiegogo as his own. Tsk Tsk