Random Thoughts, Work

More than three months in

More than three months in and I’m still having a hard time at my new job. I feel duped into it. My interview was great. I had a fantastic rapport with my two interviewers, and they made it seem like such a great place to work. They talked about how many people have been there for decades and how much fun everyone has there because the environment is so casual and friendly.

On my first day, I immediately knew it wasn’t the place for me. I’m watched all the time and forbidden from using my cellphone, like a child. I asked, “What if I’m getting an emergency call from family?” One of the owners replied, “Give your friends and family your office number instead.” Umm, no. The whole point of having a cellphone is to be reachable. I’m not gonna tell my family and friends to add a new number just because one of my bosses doesn’t like cellphones

And, it’s not a good environment to work. They don’t like to appreciate their employees. They don’t celebrate their employee’s birthdays. Plus, one of the owners is very moody, so you never know if he’s in a good mood, or if he’s not and you’re going to be yelled at for no reason. One of my team members had worked there for 13 years – since he was 16 – and they didn’t even throw him a lunch or a happy hour when he decided to leave.

On my birthday, my boss yelled at a customer service lady, who had been at the company for over 35 years! She mistakenly added an extra $20 discount to a tennis racquet that a customer bought, not realizing that the discount was already applied. When he found out, he proceeded to yell at her about how she should’ve read the promo terms better and that she now owes him $20! I couldn’t believe it!

During my first month there, three people have resigned. And, I recently found out that three of my team members are actively looking for jobs! One of them warned me: “This place is going downhill. You better jump off the sinking ship when you can.” Ominous, much?