Random Thoughts

I dream of… Vampires?

(First off, I didn’t realize how long I’ve dropped off the blog world radar. I took a small break to take care of some things and somehow it ended up being a month break. Oops :()

Last night, in Dream Land, I was battling vampires with Nolan from Revenge, played by Gabriel Mann. We were inside a dark & creepy house surrounded by vampires. As far as I know, Nolan & I were humans trying to escape. But, for some reason, I had a force field that surrounded me. It burned vampires to dust when they touched it.

Eventually I killed enough vampires that the leader, a woman, ordered that we were let go. We cautiously made our way out the front door into the sunlight, with their heavy door closing behind us. Nolan takes my hand and we walk down the street, laughing. Then, I wake up.

I wonder what that means. What is my subconscious trying to tell me? I wish I knew someone who was good at interpreting dreams. Any dream interpreters out there?