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A job in higher education

I’ve been looking for a job since I’m tired of doing freelance. Plus, I miss working in an actual work environment with coworkers to chat with.

I’d like to work in a local college/university. I like that environment and I’d love to be able to take classes for free or at a discount, since I’ve always wanted to eventually get a Master’s degree. There’s just something about the possibility of continuously learning that I love. I’m a perpetual student, always learning new things. Plus, most schools pride themselves on staying current, so I’d always have access to state-of-the-art equipment. Also, they get deep discounts on some software. In college, I got Windows XP Pro for $15, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit for $25, and Microsoft Office for $5!

When I saw a job listing for a designer at my brother’s uni, I promptly applied. My odds are probably slim because there tends to be a lot of competition with these things. (It’s a good opportunity!) Imagine my surprise (and delight!) when I recently got an email saying that my resume has been accepted and is getting reviewed. I’m glad my resume at least made it through that first step.

I don’t have any delusions about getting the job because the competition is probably fierce, but I thought I’d put it out into the universe that I would love to have that job. Maybe you guys can help me by collectively wishing me luck, or something, sending some positive energy out there I don’t know if that really works, but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

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Inadvertent heartthrob

I was cleaning out the unused pictures in my Photobucket account and came upon these:

Acqua test 01 Acqua test 02 Acqua test 03 Acqua test 04 Acqua test 05
(Click for a bigger size.)

Those pictures were were from my test sheet in photography class. The object of the assignment was to choose a product—in my case, Acqua di Gio, as suggested by my model because I had no idea what to do!

Anyway, the above model, Mark, came to me by accident. My original model, Ken, flaked on me claiming he had forgotten that we had scheduled the photo room. Years later, I found out that he had told people that “some random Asian girl came up to me asking me to pose for her!” Jerk! :evil: We went to the same high school and college! Not only that, but he volunteered for it, upon hearing me discuss the project with my friends. He’s quite the classy guy :roll:

When Mark heard that Ken flaked on me, he volunteered to be my new model. I’m so glad he did! Though the photo shoot was early in the morning, we had such a great time and it became a collaborative process. (The crotch shot was his idea!) And, I didn’t realize how photogenic he would be! Continue reading

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Worry not

While I was cleaning up part of my room, I found these:

Worry dolls

The penny (1 cent) next to the dolls is to illustrate their very small size.

They are worry dolls I bought in my Spanish class’ quarterly mercado (market) with pesos we earned in class based on participation, test scores, extra credit, etc. Every night, you tell each doll a concern/worry that you have, and you place them under your pillow as you sleep. The belief is that the dolls will take away your worry in the night; and by the time you wake up in the morning, your worries will be gone.

I remember using these during high school whenever I’d have tests or presentations the next day. It’s probably just superstition, but it helped lift some of my nervousness and anxiety the next day. I’m sure it’s all in my head. Still, it was nice to be able to “release” your worry/concern, whatever they may be.


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Hah-vud Yahd

When I visited my friend in Boston, one of our first stops was Harvard University, where she works. She took me around their beautiful campus. We chilled at the Yard and pretended to study with all the students. Though, I’m sure they could tell we weren’t with all the pictures I was taking. We checked out the farmer’s market and bought some local chocolate.

Pooh lives by the Science Center

Pooh lives by the Science Center

But, my favorite was the Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy that lived in a tree by the Science center. If you look carefully at Pooh’s “House,” you can see Piglet’s tail sticking out under the bottom of the door. It seems someone shut him inside without making sure he was perfectly in