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Inadvertent heartthrob

I was cleaning out the unused pictures in my Photobucket account and came upon these:

Acqua test 01 Acqua test 02 Acqua test 03 Acqua test 04 Acqua test 05
(Click for a bigger size.)

Those pictures were were from my test sheet in photography class. The object of the assignment was to choose a product—in my case, Acqua di Gio, as suggested by my model because I had no idea what to do!

Anyway, the above model, Mark, came to me by accident. My original model, Ken, flaked on me claiming he had forgotten that we had scheduled the photo room. Years later, I found out that he had told people that “some random Asian girl came up to me asking me to pose for her!” Jerk! :evil: We went to the same high school and college! Not only that, but he volunteered for it, upon hearing me discuss the project with my friends. He’s quite the classy guy :roll:

When Mark heard that Ken flaked on me, he volunteered to be my new model. I’m so glad he did! Though the photo shoot was early in the morning, we had such a great time and it became a collaborative process. (The crotch shot was his idea!) And, I didn’t realize how photogenic he would be!

I don’t remember which pictures I ended up submitting for the final critique. However, when my photography teacher posted my pictures on the art hallway, many girls came up to me asking me who my model was. One of the girls in the senior class even approached me and asked if I could help her friend, who had developed a crush on Mark, get to know him. I declined to help as I didn’t want to push this girl on him. It made for a very uncomfortable semester as the senior tried unsuccessfully to get close to Mark, without his knowledge.

That summer, I bumped into Mark at an arts & craft store and he told me that he received an email (in his school account) from a girl he didn’t know, detailing how she really liked him and was interested in getting to know him better over the summer. I think it freaked him out a bit. I don’t think he ever replied back to her…


22 thoughts on “Inadvertent heartthrob

    • anne says:

      He is! I recently saw him at a school event and he talked to me like we were best friends. He’s such a fake person -__- Very high school.

      I’m sure some boys would’ve relished the attention, but it definitely made Mark feel very uncomfortable.

  1. Shar says:

    Great photos!! I have always wanted to do portrait photography but I need to get a camera again. I miss photography so much. It’s funny because when I had my slr, no one wanted to be my model. W that I don’t uave one, a couple of people are asking if I can take Hoyle of them lol.

    What a jerk that other guy!! I guessing he was insecure about his picture being taken.

    Hilarious about the girl with the crush on mark! It’s so cute with all that crushing, stalker stuff. Some girls are just so awkwardly funny that way.

    • anne says:

      I miss doing black-and-white photography for school as well! I feel different when I use an old school SLR to shoot things compared to using a digital camera. It’s like a different mindset. Plus, I loved processing my film in the dark room. It was very relaxing.

      You must be a great photographer for people to be asking you take pictures of them!

      I don’t know what his deal was. I think he was just the sort of person who liked to create drama, but he ends up looking like a jerk in the end.

  2. Ken sounds like a super douche. Definitely not cool. I’m glad it worked out even better than you thought, though! Those are some nice shots. Mark *is* quite photogenic, but it sounds like his good looks led some creepers to him…

    • anne says:

      You are right. He definitely was! I recently saw him in a school event where he pretended to be super nice and talked to me like we had been best friends this whole time! XD Such a classy fellow.

  3. Great photos! Ken is probably thinking, “Shucks, if I were the one who posed there, then maybe I could get lots of girls….” Hahahaha!

    Mark is a good-looking guy, no wonder girls would… y’know. Haha.

    • anne says:

      Hahaha! I didn’t even think of that! But, you’re probably right! And, he’s the kind of person who would definitely think like that. Although, I’d wonder if he’d turn out to be as photogenic as Mark was… Maybe my photoshoot would’ve been crap and I wouldn’t have gotten high marks?

  4. HAHAHA oh man, I want to know the rest of the story now. Well, if there is one. But that’s so damn pushy and awkward, you sort of being in the middle of it too.

    Mark certainly is a gorgeous guy, and he’s so kind to have stepped up to be your model. Stupid Ken, he probably wouldn’t have made a good model anyway and was just telling people about you asking him to pose because he was probably insecure about himself.

    I’m glad my boyfriend didn’t mind modelling for mine; sometimes it’s hard to find models or just someone you can trust. ~_~

    For the record, Acqua di Gio has a female version, Acqua di Gioa, and it’s beautiful! I suggest giving it a try some day.

    Also, I think it’s hilarious what Kisty said above! XD Totally agree. I’m glad you did well in your project.

    • anne says:

      Weirdly enough, all of my models for my photography classes were all volunteers. Maybe I was giving off a “I’m-really-desperate-for-a-model-please-help-me” vibe around school and people felt like they *needed* to volunteer? Even my models for my (nude) body project were volunteers!

      I think you’re right about Ken not being as good a model as Mark. I think the shoot would’ve been a potential disaster and not as comfortable as it was with Mark. Ken probably would’ve made it all about himself, and tried to create some kind of drama. Looking back, I feel like that’s the kind of person he was. Most likely, I’d have wasted film and had to find another model anyway. I guess it was a good thing that he did stand me up!

      Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind. Whenever I’m at the mall, I’m always sampling scents anyway. I’ll definitely add Acqua di Gioa to my list.

  5. Ken is such a jerk! He volunteered, then back out and then starts talking about you? That is so low.
    I’m so glad you got Mark, I bet Mark is way better looking.

    Lol at the girl who is trying to get close to Mark. She sounds really desperate in my opinion.

    • anne says:

      You are correct. Mark is better-looking. I probably lucked out with having him as a model, as opposed to staying with Ken. It probably wouldn’t have turned out as good in the end. I guess, in a way, I’m thankful that Ken flaked out of the project.

      Yes, the girl was really desperate. I felt bad for her. If she really liked Mark, she should’ve tried to talk to him instead of trying to get her friends to do it for her. Plus, why would she expect Mark to go out with her when he didn’t even know who she was? She definitely needed to approach this whole thing in a much more different way.

  6. Mark is gorgeous, and he indeed is photogenic!

    Dang, that Ken dude is such a jerk. And i hate guys like him…

    anyway, i love the shots you took.

  7. No wonder Mark would get tons of e-mails or conventional letters from his secret admirer- he’s kind & good-looking.

    And that Ken? Perhaps, the complete opposite.

    • anne says:

      You’re completely right! Unfortunately, life doesn’t work the same way Ken is now married, while Mark is still single! Crazy, right?!

  8. Wow the nerve on that Ken guy! What a d-bag! You’re better not having him as the model sis! Nag feeling kaagad. lol!

    Mark is so sweet and a true gentleman and he is indeed good looking. I can’t blame girls to have a crush on him.

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