A matchmaker you’re not

2 hearts on stones

My friend, Kel, loves matchmaking. He’s not particularly good at it, nor has he had any successful pairings. But, he never lets that deter him.

In the 4 years I’ve known him, he’s tried to pair me with 5 guys:

  • John, who regularly parked next to me at my old job
  • Mark, who I looked up to like an older brother
  • Ray, who Kel thought “had a thing for Asian girls”
  • Tim, who somehow always ended up sitting near me during lunches
  • James, who’s probably gay

He’d always make up all these situations that he wanted me to recreate. Situations that he thought would somehow make us fall in love, like in the movies. As you can tell, he has a very active imagination. Of course, I’d play along and help him concoct these elaborate setups, but eventually he realized I’d never really put them into practice. I’m pretty sure one of them had us fighting zombies :!: and somehow ending up dancing in a Coke commercial. Like I said, active imagination… and not rooted in this reality

Well, he eventually gave up on the guys since I was clearly not attracted to any of them. The only one I admitted to finding attractive was James, the gay one, but I figured he was a safe choice since nothing would ever happen. He agrees, but for some reason, he’s still holding on to this one…


21 thoughts on “A matchmaker you’re not

  1. Haha, none of my male friends have ever tried to “hook me up” with someone. Only female friends have tried that, but not very succesfully.

  2. Sometimes my friends will try to hook me up with a guy, but it’s usually only after I’ve told them I have a crush on him. They usually ask whether I want them to say anything to him about it, etc. Very high school, really. Now that I have a boyfriend again, all that annoying “crushing” can finally stop and people can stop trying to play matchmaker. I have this one friend who I actually find very rude who always used to try to convince me that I NEEDED a man. I’m sure she won’t be pleased when she finds out I haven’t told her about Jan.

    • anne says:

      Hahaha. At least it’s guys that you’re actually interested in. In my experience, it’s just guys who happen to be in my vicinity

      Ugh, I know what you mean! One of my classmates constantly feels the need to ask, “Do you have a boyfriend?” If you do, the next question would be, “So, when are you getting married?” If you didn’t, she’d ask, “Why?” It’s her way of carrying on conversation, but she definitely needs to come up with a better conversation topic. It’s getting old.

  3. Hahaha matchmaking – crap. That’s how my first relationship happened. The guy had a crush on me and I decided to lie and say I was kind of interested in him too. It was beyond awkward, and we were mostly just friends who held hands. Hey, I was young.

    I don’t think matchmaking goes too well. I almost feel embarrassed for people who are matchmakers. XD

    • anne says:

      Even though it didn’t end up well, that was very nice of you to indulge him

      I think they’re trying to make matchmaking into some sort of pseudo-science, or at least some sort of field you can eventually become an expert in.

  4. I find that girls are a lot better at this matchmaking business than guys. However, I do give your friend some credit. At least he is trying right? Haha I think matchmakers just pair people up but after that, it all depends on the couple or the people who were matched to develop a relationship. Good luck with finding that special someone!

    • anne says:

      I agree with you. This lady on TV has a matchmaking business where she only fixes up millionaires. It’s crazy, but she seems to be brilliant at her job. Although, the irony is that she can’t seem to find a match for herself

      Yes, he’s trying… and failing. He’s not matching us on compatibility. He’s definitely just matching for laughs. Hahaha. At least I’m hoping he is…

  5. You entry definitely made me laugh! Oh dear, matchmaking! I guess I’m just glad none of my friends are matchmakers. I remember this game we used to play in grade school, FLAMES . Since that was a long, long time ago, I’ve already forgotten what the A and S stand for but F for Friends, L for Lovers, M for Mutual Understanding, I think, and E for enemies. Haha!

    • anne says:

      Yes, I feel like I remember FLAMES! Didn’t we all carry notebooks with it? Or am I thinking of something completely different?

      My friend is bakla and I think he’s just doing this for laughs. Parang gusto nya lang ng drama

  6. Awww, how sweet. Maybe he should read Emma by Jane Austen.
    I have an overactive imagination myself but I try to root it in reality as much as possible. But that is a whole other story.
    I wonder why he is holding on to the wish for James?
    Anyway, I hope have a smooth ride through the time of love.
    I wanted a T-mobile ringtone just because I really like the sound and it is so short. My phone won’t play a whole ringtone from my text messages and so I have to find short ones to enjoy it. grrr

    • anne says:

      I’m sure he’s seen Clueless. That’s probably the closest to Emma he’ll get

      I think James is his favorite because James is an all-around great guy: smart, nice, good-looking. For all we know, he could have a crush on James! Hahaha.

  7. Hahaha, matchmaking. Don’t you think it’s a bit odd for a guy friend to do matchmaking? I mean I know most girls do that often with their girl friends, it just amuses me to hear your guy friend loves to do it especially on you. I hope you’d successfully find a match though

    • anne says:

      He will never find a successful match because he’s not really matching based on compatibility. I think his thinking is “he’s single & so is she, so perfect couple.” Hahaha. Or he just likes to stir up drama!

  8. I never tried someone match me to other guy. hehe xD I guess you really have a good taste :DD ihihi. and ooh! speaking of match matching when I was in grade school I used to play love calculator. hahaha! :3

  9. My friends (guys and gals) have tried hooking me up with someone they think would be good for me. Like always, I shoot down their ideas before it can even start—I know what I like and know when I wanna be with someone.

    At least you have fun with it I, on the other hand, try to end this discussion as soon as it comes up XD

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