Last day, hump day!

My last day was boring, mainly because I hadn’t had anything to do all week. Even though I got paid for these 3 days (Monday – Wednesday), it would’ve been better for my last day to have been Friday because these days were a waste of time. BUT, I’m finally out! It felt so good knowing it was my last day!

My coworker started playing his “farewell” playlist with goodies like NSync’s “Bye Bye Bye” and “Graduation” by Vitamin C. The day went by as slow as possible, but I got through it. As usual, my boss ignored me the whole day, and stopped making eye contact with me ever since I gave my notice. On the other hand, his dad came by, shook my hand, and wished me luck on my next job. At least someone’s professional, right? :-|

After work, we went to a local hibachi down the street for dinner. Our hibachi chef was entertaining, and a good experience and dinner was had by all. During dinner, the copywriter announced that she, too, was leaving the company. Her last day will be the end of the month. She will be the fifth person to leave in five months! That should be enough of a sign that our boss may need to re-evaluate his management style, but I’m sure he’s not self-aware enough for that. He sees us all as “traitors” for leaving.

Even though I had only known my team members for a few months, I got along with them, and we all worked well together. I think they deserve better than that place, and I hope that they all find better jobs soon!