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earthquake craziness!

Penne Rosa trio

Parmesan-crusted Chicken Penne Rosa with Chicken Noodle soup

After J visited San Francisco, C & I wanted to catch up with her and hear all about the trip, so we planned a lunchtime gathering at Noodles & Company. I ordered a Trio: Penne Rosa with parmesan-crusted chicken and a chicken noodle soup as the side.

While happily chatting away, we felt our booth shake. We all turned around thinking someone was shaking it. Of course, we saw nobody behind our booth and that’s when we realized that the whole restaurant was shaking. One of the customers immediately ran out of the door. Having lived in the Philippines as a young child, I remembered all the earthquake drills we had in grade school. I was ready to go under the restaurant table for safety. Fortunately, the tremors quickly subsided. Thank goodness there were no injuries.

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Yogi Castle


It might not look like it, but underneath all that candy is actual frozen yogurt

I wish they had a better frequent buyer deal than just a 10% discount when you’ve spent $50. I usually spend a little over $5 on a cup, so my discount should be about 50 cents at best. Quite disappointing, really. How about “buy 10 & get a free cup”? Better deal, I think.

Food, Friends, Travel

To DC and Virginia

E and I always say we’d go to Washington, DC for the National Cherry Blossom Festival every year, but we always miss it. I think we’ve only attended once or twice before. I was out of the country for the first week, so we decided to go during the last week before it ended.

We usually take the Metro to DC as parking and driving there can be a chore. The actual street festival that we were going to visit ended at 6p so we had some time to explore beforehand.

I decided to check out Lebanese Taverna in Pentagon Row since my dad raved about their food when he visited the one in Tysons Corner. They gave us bread with dipping oil for the table. We asked for a second bread basket and we ran out of dipping oil. Not sure if that was a testament to our hunger or how good the bread and dipping oil were

I ordered their chicken mashawi (chicken kabob), since I’m always looking for a good kabob replacement. It’s not the best I’ve ever had, but it was good. It was a lot more “gourmet” than I expected. It was also a lot more garlicky, which probably accounts for the mouth wash—that I gladly used!— in the restroom.

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Bread and dipping oil for the table

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