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Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti

After Jan canceled on our lunch (she came down with a fever), my sister and I did some baking. She’s been on a cooking & baking mood lately and marked off a whole bunch of recipes she wanted to try in the recipe book.

Chocolate Almond Biscotti

Original Chocolate Almond Biscotti recipe

The Chocolate Almond Biscotti recipe both caught our eyes because the picture was beautiful and the directions were very easy. But, since I’m not fond of almonds, we changed it to chopped pistachios and vanilla extract, as opposed to chopped almonds and almond extract.

I went about peeling over a ½ cup of pistachios by hand. It wasn’t fun, but it went by fast as we chatted away. Originally, I was going to emulate the TV chefs and chop them by hand, but then I realized how much of an amateur I was compared to them. Plus, there was the big possibility of making a mistake and cutting myself… So, electric chopper it is!

She wanted to be in charge of doing everything herself, so I was just there as my sister’s helper. I ended up helping cut up the biscotti and melting the chocolate that went on top of them.

Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti
(Click the thumbnails for a bigger size.)
It turned up much better than we had expected, especially with the substitutions we made. Overall, we were very happy with the result. When Jan and I rescheduled our lunch, I brought her a bag of biscotti to try. She loved them!


23 thoughts on “Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti

  1. OMGawsh!!! love that last/third shot…so chocolatey and looks super moist! love those pistachios peeking out, too! same here, i heart pistachios more than almonds.

    ps. i will give you my niece’s strawberry (no-bake) cheesecake recipe as soon as i wrestle it from her. lol. hopefully, it won’t be long. ;D

    • anne says:

      Thanks so much! That would be fantastic. I can’t wait to try it out

      Yes, there’s something about pistachios that I much prefer to almonds. Maybe the texture or the taste? I generally find almonds to be bland.

  2. *wipe drool away* It looks super delicious! Though I’m not a fan of chocolate (yes who I am I? Hahahaha) that looks super tasty!

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    I brought it when it was on special for Chinese New Year but I think they’ve bumped up the prices again. Nonetheless, I still think it’s pretty cheap for a tablet It does work well, and if you’ll like a review on it, I can do one if you’ll like

    I was contemplating on getting a Nook tablet or Kindle Fire too! But I ruled out the Nook because, well in Australia we don’t have a Barnes and Nobles – and because of apps. For the Kindle Fire, I went through a couple of reviews and they said it was okay. Still, I’d rather the Android system which is why I went the knock-off, haha.

    • anne says:

      Like you, I’m not a big chocolate fan either. But, sometimes I make exceptions

      How’s your tablet working for you so far? Thanks for the link! I’ve got my eye on the cow mp3 player since my old iPod’s not holding its charge as much as it used to I just wish the cow mp3 player offered more than 2gb of space. I love the look. It’s so cute

      I was the same as you in not choosing the Fire because of its not-so-impressive specs. I almost bought a Nook because the B&N near me has been a mainstay and I relish any chance to visit it. It’s just very comfortable in there. I feel bad that I usually never buy anything. LOL. I just like to sit and read. I’m glad I held out on the Nook because it looks like a lot of manufacturers are starting to release their own 7″ Android tablets to compete. Yay for choices!

    • anne says:

      Hi, thanks for visiting! I haven’t got the book with me at the moment, but I’ll definitely post it later on

  3. That looks llike a really good recipe to make. How long does it take to make this recipe. I love both pistachios and almonds, but I think the pistachio one sounds better—especially with all that chocolate

    • anne says:

      It didn’t take long at all. Maybe 30-40 minutes, I believe. For some reason, almonds just taste bland to me, so I had to substitute it. I’m sure it tastes good with whatever nut is used. The chocolate definitely makes it, though

      • That’s not bad; that includes baking time as well? I’m sure it’d take me a longer time though if I’m stuck doing all the work by myself I think pistachios (and chocolate) are a better choice here. I’ve had the almond ones before and I wasn’t too fond of them.

  4. Those pictures make it look delicious! I love biscotti, but I can’t often eat it because I don’t usually know what nuts are in it. When I read that you made biscotti I was like “aww, something I can’t eat.” Then I saw it was almond biscotti and was excited! It’s not like I get to eat your biscotti, but still. xD Anyway, I’m sad that you substituted almonds for pistachios. I’m allergic and can no longer eat the imaginary biscotti that has been sent through my computer screen.

    I’m glad you and your sister had a fun time baking and that the biscotti turned out well!

  5. Omg that looks so good! And I want that recipe! >D Please? xD

    Oh man, I tried to cut food like the chefs on TV too and well…. ouch. Booboo T^T

  6. Oh my god YUM. I remember having a gelato that was a chocolate biscotti with some other kind of nut, and it was delicious. I haven’t baked in a while, but I did have enough ice cream today… but still, mega drool.

    I can’t believe you don’t like almonds! I love them better than pistachios. I think almonds are my favourite nut.

    Peeling so many pistachios by hand would suck, haha. The only accident I’ve had in the kitchen is grating half the skin off my finger with a cheese grater… ouch.

  7. Wow! I wanna learn how to bake din. Like super duper. Wala kasi kaming oven eh :((
    Sa baking life ko lang naluluto yang mga ganyang cakes hahaha

    • anne says:

      Meron atang mga recipes na no-bake lang. Di ko alam kung paano yun. Baka microwave lang? O kaya sa stove lang. Sure, we can do a link exchange! I’ll add you now.

  8. I haven’t had dinner so i’m really drooling over the food you baked sis! hahaha. I don’t know how to bake, I can only do the other stuff to help out. I love chocolates with almonds in it, it’s one of my fave.

    I’m glad that you get to hangout and bond with your sister too.

    • anne says:

      We’ll have to do some baking sometime, if ever! O kaya restaurant or mall hopping na lang? So many possibilities!

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