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A job in higher education

I’ve been looking for a job since I’m tired of doing freelance. Plus, I miss working in an actual work environment with coworkers to chat with.

I’d like to work in a local college/university. I like that environment and I’d love to be able to take classes for free or at a discount, since I’ve always wanted to eventually get a Master’s degree. There’s just something about the possibility of continuously learning that I love. I’m a perpetual student, always learning new things. Plus, most schools pride themselves on staying current, so I’d always have access to state-of-the-art equipment. Also, they get deep discounts on some software. In college, I got Windows XP Pro for $15, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit for $25, and Microsoft Office for $5!

When I saw a job listing for a designer at my brother’s uni, I promptly applied. My odds are probably slim because there tends to be a lot of competition with these things. (It’s a good opportunity!) Imagine my surprise (and delight!) when I recently got an email saying that my resume has been accepted and is getting reviewed. I’m glad my resume at least made it through that first step.

I don’t have any delusions about getting the job because the competition is probably fierce, but I thought I’d put it out into the universe that I would love to have that job. Maybe you guys can help me by collectively wishing me luck, or something, sending some positive energy out there I don’t know if that really works, but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?


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  1. positive energy always helps =] Best of luck!! What would you teach? Shosedazzle requires you to become a member but membership is free plus they give you a 20% discount on the first pair or shoes you order =]

    • anne says:

      Thanks! Oh, I’m not applying to be a teacher. It’s for a graphic design position

      I’ve always thought that Shoedazzle had a monthly membership fee and you’re to buy a new pair of shoes every month. Glad to know that’s not how it works. Thanks for the information

  2. I’m like you, I’d get over freelancing at a stage. Having people around you adds to the ”work environment”.
    Congrats on having your resume go through to get reviewed. I’m really, really hoping you get the job! I believe in positivity…. so think good thoughts!

    • anne says:

      Thanks! Unfortunately, I never heard back from the school, but I’m optimistic that I’ll hear from someplace else soon! At least, I hope I will. Hahaha.

      I’m glad you *get* it. It was definitely great at first as I got to make my own schedule, but the “work environment” adds to the fun and helps me get through an otherwise boring day.

  3. Nakakapagod din pala mag freelance? Hihi in the mean time i do freelance since i’m still studying but in your case maybe nakakapagod nga. haha Congrats to you! I can feel how happy you are right now! Good luck!

    • anne says:

      Thank you! Nakakapagod kasi nagiging boring. Hahaha. Tsaka parang parepareho lang ang ginagawa ko. I want variety!

    • anne says:

      Thanks Jenn! I’m ready for a new job. Freelancing isn’t fun anymore. I don’t have an account. I do my freelancing through my old job and my friend’s husband’s job.

    • anne says:

      Thanks, Cean! It would be great to be able to sell some of my jewelry creations as well, but I’m not confident in my ability yet. I still need more practice

  4. My classmate in high school autographed his pic with a message: “The greatest failure in life is the failure to try”.

    If it’s not for you, just keep trying until you get the one that is intended for you.. good luck on your career..

    April here visiting from

    • anne says:

      Your classmate is a smart one. He’s absolutely correct! And, even if you end up failing, I think it feels good taking that first step. I’d rather fail after trying, than regretting not trying at all…if that makes sense…

      Thanks for the kind words, April. I do believe that one day I will get the right job for me. Anything has to be better than the last one I had

    • anne says:

      Thanks Jenni! It gets boring after awhile, to me. I usually do my freelance projects at home, so there’s not much socialization that goes on. That’s what I miss about being in an office: all the people to talk to. It never gets boring.

  5. Before I fire into my comment I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog posts even though you might not blog as much as other people. I just feel like I can relate and I have so much to say.

    I really love learning, and I have learned a lot at my newest job. I love it so much. I can understand how you feel about freelancing. It gets tiring and dull and sometimes it just helps to be in an environment with like-minded people. My current workplace is like that, and it’s great because everyone has different strengths and different weaknesses and you can really help each other out. In our office we also have a couple of people who have their own company as well, so even though they are from a completely different company, we still share the same kinds of experiences in web design and development.

    I did have a job late last year (I haven’t been called back, the birdies tell me that I’ve been unofficially fired) and while I worked in a team with them, I found the experience terrible because I wasn’t learning and I wasn’t being helped. At my current workplace my boss is so patient and willing to teach me new things. You’d think that if they needed you on board, they’d be willing to teach you what you need…

    Best of luck with that job, Anne! I really hope you get it.

    I also am going to be studying my Graduate Diploma this year. I love learning and I just want to be able to learn something new. :3 :3 Being a student rocks. I don't think it's just because of the discounts either. xD

    • anne says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Georgina! I really appreciate them, and I’m glad you can relate to my posts. That means a lot. I don’t mean to be a suck-up, but I relate to yours as well, though you definitely post a lot more than I do! How do you do that?!

      Yes! Everything you said is true, for me. That’s why I left my old job. I shared a room with people for more than 3 years and always felt left out. My boss barely did work, but always took credit for things she didn’t do. I learned nothing. If anything, I think they hampered my learning process. I was supposed to be their web person, but I couldn’t use CSS or even p tags in promos. I was stuck, and sitting on HTML from, like, 1997. Hahaha.

      I’m glad you’re having a great experience with your new job. Screw those people from your old job. It’s their loss, and you’re better off without them. I hope they never call you back for anything. They don’t deserve your talent!

      You’re right, being a student is amazing! I hope to get a Master’s in something down the line, but getting a job comes first!

  6. Good luck with the job. You never know what might come of it so don’t lose hope. You may be the lucky one.

    Can’t believe you got those softwares for so cheap. Microsoft products are usually very expensive.

    • anne says:

      Thank you, Krystal! You’re completely right. I have to keep trying, even when things look bad. I can’t wait to be a lucky one!

      My school is part of a coalition of schools that offer Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, etc. software at heavily discounted prices for students. Unfortunately, since my school ID has expired, I can’t take advantage of those discounts anymore

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