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Mannequin heads at the dentist’s office

I was my mom’s chauffeur in the morning, meaning I was to take her to the dentist’s office then take her to run some errands.

Mannequin head on a truck

Imagine my surprise when THAT parked behind me! The man’s truck had two mannequin heads: one on each side. The other head might’ve had a blonde wig, but I don’t quite remember. I was too creeped out to focus. Naturally, I had to take a picture as discreetly as I could, to show it to everyone later. Lol. Priorities

I imagine this guy’s home being littered with headless mannequin bodies that he stole from department stores. Or, perhaps he bought them. Can people just go to a store to buy mannequins? I don’t know how it works.

Maybe his house is full of mannequins he uses for decorations? Like, a leg lamp. Or, a torso for a night table. He could get really creative!

After that weirdness, the rest of my morning was thankfully creep-free. Just another sunny day running errands…


14 thoughts on “Mannequin heads at the dentist’s office

    • anne says:

      Yes, definitely! I wonder if people have said anything to him. It’s very serial killer creepy, right?!

  1. I’d rather see a body of mannequin than just it’s head. That really looks creepy, and the man who owns it probably is creepy. :))

    • anne says:

      I wish I saw what the guy looked like. You’re right, he’s probably creepy as well. I don’t know what I would’ve thought of it had been a full mannequin rather than just the head. I’d probably still think he was creepy

  2. I thought you could buy just a mannequin head like at a salon store or something like it. Idk, I used to see weird stuff like that back in Providence on the way to the mall lol. I think salon store near my house next to the Filipino store have some mannequin heads too.

    Eithey way, a guy with stuff like that is pretty creepy. Like WHY? What kind of message is he sending by having it attached to his vehicle in the first place? Hmmm.

    • anne says:

      You’re right! Those mannequin heads for cosmetology students to practice on, right? Maybe that’s who he used to be and just didn’t know what to do with his heads? Hahaha. Either way, it’s creepy and shouldn’t be attached to his pickup. His message is “I’m a creepy serial killer. Please stay away from me!”

  3. That’s so scary! I remember one time when I was on my way home, I was shocked and felt scared when I saw a mannequin’s head out on the gate of one of the houses we passed :| =))))

  4. That’s creepy! I think the guy has his purpose for sticking those heads, but then again, it looks weird in so many levels. Hihi.

  5. That is scary! I only seen mannequins in the mall or in the Salon. I’ve never seen a mannequin attached to a car much less a head. It reminds me of stuff I seen on Crime Investigation channel. It makes you wonder what it meant to the owner. Maybe to scare people from his car? A fetish or something. Or maybe it was used for some event. Still it’s really creepy! I wouldn’t get into that car!

  6. Mannequins are creepy, especially if they look really realistic. I’ve confused a mannequin with being human several times already.

    It’s so freaky how that ended up behind you. I’d start to get paranoid.

  7. Well, that’s pretty amusing. XD What a prank!

    “Lol. Priorities” is exactly what I think nearly every time I take a photo. My friends are like ‘hello, we’re going to miss the train’ and I’m intrigued by a bird sitting on the garbage. Or we’re digging in to eat and I have to take a photo of my food first.

    Dude must be a collector.

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