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Mannequin heads at the dentist’s office

I was my mom’s chauffeur in the morning, meaning I was to take her to the dentist’s office then take her to run some errands.

Mannequin head on a truck

Imagine my surprise when THAT parked behind me! The man’s truck had two mannequin heads: one on each side. The other head might’ve had a blonde wig, but I don’t quite remember. I was too creeped out to focus. Naturally, I had to take a picture as discreetly as I could, to show it to everyone later. Lol. Priorities

I imagine this guy’s home being littered with headless mannequin bodies that he stole from department stores. Or, perhaps he bought them. Can people just go to a store to buy mannequins? I don’t know how it works.

Maybe his house is full of mannequins he uses for decorations? Like, a leg lamp. Or, a torso for a night table. He could get really creative!

After that weirdness, the rest of my morning was thankfully creep-free. Just another sunny day running errands…