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Make your own tea blend

Blue Mango Blend

My friend's personalized tea blend for me

My friend, Carmela, and I finally exchanged Christmas gifts. (It’s late, I know.) One of my favorite items was a tea blend she customized especially for me She even wrote up a description for it!:

This mango-inspired tea is blended with two different mango teas, mango green tea and mango melange herbal tea, and a third complementary tea, white tropics white tea. The mango green tea is the base of this blend, lending a creamy texture, juicy sweetness, and delicate floral aromatics. The mango melange herbal tea with its fresh mango and apple pieces and hibiscus flowers adds a sweet and tangy flavor to the blend. The white tropics white tea rounds out this fruity floral blend by adding natural pineapple and coconut flavor and rose petals.

This is my favorite part:

The Blue Mango Blend was inspired by my good friend who loves mangoes. I decided to create a special tea blend for her as a gift.

It’s nice-tasting tea blend. Since most of the blend is white tea, the flavors are quite subtle. During my two (separate) steepings, I was able to taste the apple-y sweetness and the floral taste of the hibiscus. Unfortunately, the mango taste didn’t come through for me. But, then again, I’m not an expert tea taster. I’m thinking of steeping it for longer the next time, hoping that more of the mango flavor will come out. If you’re interested in trying it, you can buy it here.

I’m not sure when I turned into a loose leaf tea fan, but it went full-blown when my ex-friend bought me a glass teapot with infuser. I started going to tea rooms in the city and near Carmela’s work. Coffee never appealed me like it does to everyone else (blah blah mocha frap blah blah Starbucks!). I’m just not a fond of the taste. However, I love the different varieties of tea offered, especially herbal teas, which are pretty much dried fruit infusions. Those are my favorite :!: and I typically lean towards tart & sweet fruits, like strawberries, passionfruits, blueberries, mangoes, etc.


tea, an omelet, and a hamburger

It was such a nice weekend that my friend, E, and I decided to hang out in Fells Point, by the water.

After hearing good things about my previous two visits to Teavolve, E wanted to check it out. I ordered a pot of Rooibos Paradise tea and made my own omelet (Canadian bacon, Italian sausage and green peppers). I liked my tea and food, as usual. My only gripe was the SUPER slow service. Sometimes it felt like they forgot we were there! I noticed that some people even left as they got tired of waiting to be given menus!

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I gave Posterous a try for a bit, but there were some things that I wished I had more control over. Plus, their Android app was crap and I couldn’t even edit posts, save drafts, or moderate comments. All that stuff had to be done on the computer 

Anyhoo, my friend and I checked out Tea By Two, a tea place near her town. It was very homey, country-inspired tea house. It’s definitely just like going for tea at grandmother’s house. The tea sandwiches and scones were very tasty, and I love the free refills on the tea!  They say they’re not happy unless we’re happy meaning we can switch our tea flavor anytime we wanted to. If you’re ever in Harford County, give it a try! :kiss: