tea, an omelet, and a hamburger

It was such a nice weekend that my friend, E, and I decided to hang out in Fells Point, by the water.

After hearing good things about my previous two visits to Teavolve, E wanted to check it out. I ordered a pot of Rooibos Paradise tea and made my own omelet (Canadian bacon, Italian sausage and green peppers). I liked my tea and food, as usual. My only gripe was the SUPER slow service. Sometimes it felt like they forgot we were there! I noticed that some people even left as they got tired of waiting to be given menus!

After all the good food, we decided to just walk around the shops.  E bought some CD’s and DVD’s from Sound Garden, our favorite place to buy used CD’s and DVD’s They didn’t have what I was looking for, but it was fun walking around and people watching. There was even a guy there arguing loudly with himself… but I think he was wearing a bluetooth… maybe…

My friend, M, suggested I check out Sticky Rice since I was in the area. I ordered a Tokyo Burger and it came with tater tots [insert Napoleon Dynamite quote here]. Their menu describes it as “flame broiled teriyaki glazed burger cooked your way and topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and grilled pineapple. Served with wasabi aioli.” I was afraid the wasabi aioli was going to kill my tongue, but the heat was enough to balance out the sweetness of the pineapple and teriyaki flavor. The meat was very juicy, too! YUM!


12 thoughts on “tea, an omelet, and a hamburger

  1. OMG, I went to this Chinese restaurant the other day and despite the food being SUPER YUM the service was slow as well. D:

    Gosh, that stuff you ordered looks well nice though!

    Tamaki makes me laugh SO much. So dramatic, haha.


    • anne says:

      I guess it’s good if it’s worth the wait? That still annoys me, though. I don’t like to wait when I’m hungry

      His laugh is off the wall! I definitely need to finish watching the series.

  2. Sounds delicious! I don’t normally like burgers but I love Japanese food in general. I would do without the wasabi; I’m glad it wasn’t that bad though.

    I hate crappy service. I went to a restaurant with my boyfriend once and we were waiting for over 20 minutes. We were in a rush too, and we were going to get up and leave because they were taking too long, until finally they came. That was a nasty experience though.

    • anne says:

      I’m not a burger person either, but the description sounded really good and I definitely wasn’t disappointed

      Agreed! Did they apologize to you for having to wait for so long?

  3. I can picture you, your friend and the customers look like those people on a Diner Dash game, all pissed, faces all red and walking out. lol!..Darn! Slow Service is a total pain in the ass especially when you’re in a hurry. But anyway, i’m glad you and your friend enjoyed the food.

    • anne says:

      Hahaha. I used to play that game in school ALL THE TIME! Except that Flo was awesome in Diner Dash! Hahaha.

  4. yummm foood. I don’t like slow service..I would not go to one unless the food is worth the wait. I blame bluetooth for making a lot of people looking crazy XD

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