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Thanksgiving 2011

Lots more leaves to fall...

Lots more leaves to fall...

This year, Thanksgiving was on November 24th and it was a nice, warm day. So, I started my day outside raking the hundreds of leaves that fell from the ONE tree in our front yard. And, from the looks of it, it’s still not done shedding its leaves.

A pile of leaves

My starting pile...

My starting pile started out small, but as we kept going and going. We ended up filling THREE LARGE garbage bags. Got quite a workout from all the raking, but I didn’t mind. It was a fantastic day to be outside!

A Filipino Thanksgiving...

A Filipino Thanksgiving...

While I was enjoying the day outside raking hundreds of leaves into piles, my brother was inside determined to cook up a storm for our Thanksgiving dinner. He made a whole lemon chicken rotisserie, vegetable curry, Jasmine rice pilaf, and macaroni & cheese. My dad cooked the palabok on the right, and I whipped up the (very easy) green salad.

A Filipino Thanksgiving with dessert

Strawberry and apple cobbler for dessert

In his excitement in cooking up a storm, he decided to whip up some dessert as well. He made a cobbler from our leftover fruits: strawberries and apples. In the end, we were all really full. It was a very yummy Thanksgiving followed by my siblings and I rocking out on the drums, guitar, and mic on Rockband 2

(Btw, congratulations on the Ravens beating the San Francisco 49ers that night! That was a great end to a nice Thanksgiving.)


8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2011

  1. I forgot to take pics for Thanksgiving lol. We normally have it over at my auntie’s each year since everyone’s usually so busy during the year, the holidays is when we all get-together (even if we live in the same area :P) What’s in the salad? It looks good We had salad too, but it was a fruit salad (a Waldorf).

    Feel free to add me on Japan Life if you want: q8pc. I forgot to include my username & stuff in the sidebar ^^;

    • anne says:

      Oooh, I love fruit salad. It’s so colorful! My salad was simple: just some greens, cucumber slices, and Italian dressing.

      We usually spend our Thanksgiving with a big crowd as well, but we wanted to make it more intimate this year. Plus, it means more food for us

      Thanks! I’ve sent you a friend request on Japan Life

  2. Ah, I like the food

    For me, I’ve never had thanksgiving here in S’pore, Christmas yes, but not black friday or thanksgiving. We’re kinda missing out on a lot actually… after reading some blogs about how people spend their day on thanksgiving.

    Why do you have to rake leaves though :O?

    • anne says:

      Thanksgiving is a great excuse to eat a lot… Or drink a lot, depending on your poison. I didn’t do Black Friday this year. The deals weren’t impressive enough for me to stand in line for hours. But, when I do go, it’s fun to go with friends. It can get really crazy, though! Some people camp out for days in advance!

      There are so many dead leaves that they can clog up gutters and drains so we have to get rid of them. Plus, they can become a fire hazard.

    • anne says:

      He does! He should’ve gone to culinary school. It’d be great if he could start his own restaurant or bakery someday

    • anne says:

      Hahaha. Yes, the food part is great, but the history isn’t. One of the first Thanksgiving celebrations was for celebrating the massacre of many Native Americans. Not fun

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