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It’s been quite a bumpy few days. Our host, First Hosting, went down and their Twitter account wasn’t very active or full of information as to when they would be back up. Aashni of Enchant Me Not Hosting was very nice and offered me free hosting She’s very helpful and fast when it comes to set ups. My friend, Karen, can attest to this as she’s been plagued with bad hosting experience since NLH went down and abandoned everyone

After not hearing from First Hosting, my host, Mica, decided to move me into Rewindhost. I’ve heard good things about them, so I’m hoping this will be my last move. I feel like NLH cursed us and now we’re doomed to host hop. I hope not! :-?

I make regular full backups, but missed last week’s so I lost my previous post and some pages. It’s no big deal, though. I’m just glad to have a full-functioning site again!


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  1. Firsthosting, nolimitshost are two hosting providers that I will never ever sign up for I’m a hosting geek, and I hunt for packages, just for my interest. I have heard alot of bad comments for rewindhost, and have only seen like.. 1 or 2 good ones about them, but I’m currently hosted under rewindhost as well, it is not entirely perfect, and I experience short downtimes (and I know all of them) because I am always online.

    Replying to your comment on my site :D! I wrote a letter to the singapore environmental agency or something, an email actually, and they said they could do nothing about it because it is within house areas.

    • anne says:

      Yikes! Now I’m a bit nervous about Rewindhost. Did you ever do Rigrag? That’s another disappointing host.

  2. Yay!! Finally your site is back up and running. I’m so glad for you sis! Now our sites are up, hopefully no more downtime and please no more host hopping, boy it’s not easy at all. So much hassles. I hope this time Luck is on our side. (^_^)

    • anne says:

      Yup yup! Plus, I’m definitely doing backups a lot more regularly now, just in case it happens again!

  3. aww shucks sorry to hear about that! I used to have my domain and own hosting way way back, and i experienced having downtime too! nakakaloka… kasi i don’t back up files haha pero buti nalang wala naman nawawala, nagdodown lang yung server. Good thing you got alot of helpful friends

    btw, off topic… i recently ordered jollibee’s chickenjoy, and i was a bit disappointed.. ang dry na nya :(( but their french fries are crispier than ever now!!! better than mcdo’s! HAHA

    • anne says:

      Definitely! Kaya nga regular backup na. Hahaha. Just in case, di ba?

      No, don’t say that! You’re ruining my vision of Jollibee! May Jollibee sa NY pero di rin daw masarap Orig pa rin ang Pinas

  4. Hello

    I’ve been with Rewindhost for quite a while now and they are REALLY good. Since I’ve been with them, I’ve never had any problems.

    OMG — Chicken Joy in your sidebar… I miss the Philippines Jollibee was like my favourite place to go, haha.

    I don’t actually know if it was proved that it was copied from the book but also many critics have noticed that it has similarities to many other science fiction books as well.


  5. I’m so glad you managed to find a decent host. Nakakaloka ang ganyan! My first host got hacked and it was horrible. Affected kami lahat siyempre. I don’t usually do back-ups so imagine when I suddenly tried to access my site one day and learn that it was hacked! Ang daming nawala! It was such a horrible experience. Right now, I’m hosted by an online friend. She’s on Dreamhost and so far, it’s been good.

    And I’m joining the Jollibee fangirling here. Jollibee, FTW!

      • Nope. Influx Host yung host ko that time. Na-trauma ako after nun! O_O I transferred to Surpass Hosting afterwards. Okay naman. And then when I could no longer afford having my own space, my friend offered to host me. 3 years na rin niyang hinohost yung mga sites ko. Hehe.

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