host jump

It’s been quite a bumpy few days. Our host, First Hosting, went down and their Twitter account wasn’t very active or full of information as to when they would be back up. Aashni of Enchant Me Not Hosting was very nice and offered me free hosting She’s very helpful and fast when it comes to set ups. My friend, Karen, can attest to this as she’s been plagued with bad hosting experience since NLH went down and abandoned everyone

After not hearing from First Hosting, my host, Mica, decided to move me into Rewindhost. I’ve heard good things about them, so I’m hoping this will be my last move. I feel like NLH cursed us and now we’re doomed to host hop. I hope not! :-?

I make regular full backups, but missed last week’s so I lost my previous post and some pages. It’s no big deal, though. I’m just glad to have a full-functioning site again!