Bridesmaid shoes

My friend, the bride, decided that not only are we, the bridesmaids, wearing the same dress (see below), we’ll be wearing the same shoes as well.

She gave us the following shoes to rate. What do you guys think?:

Honestly, I’d rather pick my own shoes. Primarily because I don’t want to pay $70-100+ for shoes I’ll only be wearing once. Also, I wanted to retain some individualism, even if it was just picking my own shoes… But, unfortunately, it’s not up to me…


23 thoughts on “Bridesmaid shoes

  1. I like the 2nd photo of the silver shoe/heels. It looks cute. If your friend wants all the bridesmaid to wear the same shoe i think she should take care of the expenses. I’ve been a bridesmaid thrice before and all the expenses were covered by the 3 couple. Sayang naman yun $70 is 3k in pesos and that’s a lot for a pair of shoes. :s

    • anne says:

      You’re lucky. Hindi ata ganun yan dito :-? I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be paying for my own expenses. It’s really starting to add up. Parang ayaw ko nang gawin nga eh

  2. Haha baket naman di kayo makakapili! Arghh bongga naman nya but anyway para sakin, yung second picture sa left, below nung may katawan na pic! haha kasi parang mas comfy soot :)) I don’t go for vain kasi tapos painful naman xD Best wishes to your friend!

  3. Wow! The dress is beautiful! And I like the second shoe. Those are the cutest ones. So awesome that you are a bridesmaid! I need to pick mine out as well.

    • anne says:

      Definitely! I hope I look beautiful in it, too. Hahaha. Agreed about the second shoe. That’s what I’m gonna end up buying. Oooh, you’re getting married?

      • No. I’m already married. But we eloped and went to Vegas and got married without telling anyone. So we are gonna have another wedding in a couple years.

  4. I’m torn between the first and the last one! Dressing up is fun but having some one to tell how what to wear and how to wear it kinda sours the deal!

    • anne says:

      She went with the second shoe. It doesn’t look bad, I guess. I’m just hoping I’ll get more wear on it, especially if I’m dropping $78 to buy it

  5. Hazel says:

    Aww shucks! It sucks when you are forced to buy even the same shoes the white peep toe one look like you can wear again goodluck!
    Btw, i changed my link alread.. Please relink thanks anne

  6. Oooh, I hope the wedding goes alright for your friend. I’m going to Indonesia next January because my cousin is getting married. My mum thought it would be nice to pick our own clothes but my aunt wants all of us (cousins) to wear the same colour and everything. I don’t think I’m gonna like that, haha… since not everyone looks good in certain items of clothing or certain styles.

    I love this shoe: I actually have one that is almost the same, I wore it to my prom in 2008. XD

    On the radio they had a discussion about brides paying for bridesmaids versus them paying for themselves. The latter was considered to be a waste of money, since the bridesmaids often wouldn’t wear the same shoes or dress again!

    • anne says:

      Let me know how the wedding process goes. I think I’d rather be able to pick whatever dress I wanted with requirements like the color or style, because I would’ve found a dress and shoes to fit my budget more.

      I agree with you. It would be great if the bride covered a lot of the expenses, especially if she’s expecting her bridesmaids to drop a lot of money on things they’ll never use again. /sigh/ I read an article about how bridesmaids can expect to spend an average of $1000-5000 for a wedding!

  7. the second photo looks great.. Plus, when it comes to shoes, always remember that you can never go wrong with pumps? thats what ambush makeover says..LOL the last pic also looks great

    • anne says:

      My concern with the pumps is that we’ll be walking on grass. If it’s too soft, we’ll be sinking into the ground. LOL.

  8. Second pair, definitely.

    I’m not really for white heels only because, personally, I would probably ruin them if I walked in them for like 2 seconds, haha. They are quite nice the shoes, though.

    The bride should let you choose your own shoes, though :|

    Hmm.. I should probably sit down and talk with them, I agree.


    • anne says:

      I agree. She eventually chose that. I would’ve rather picked my own shoes especially since I’m already spending A LOT of money to be in her wedding. She’s not helping with the financial burden at all. I’m trying to get as much value as I can.

  9. lol I guess it’s common for bridesmaid to disagree with the bride, but you can’t complain since it is their big day. I actually don’t like any of the shoes posted above…but hopefully the one you have to wear is comfortable.

    • anne says:

      It’s not really a complaint. It’s more of a concern especially since she knows that I’m unemployed and have a budget and can’t spend all this $$ on her wedding. It’s a bigger issue. This is only a small portion of it.

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