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Purse organizer

When I was in the Philippines last year, I saw a purse organizer at Landmark in Trinoma (Hazel bought a similar one) and just scoffed at it, thinking I didn’t need it. Well, I am now eating my words. I’ve been buying bigger bags lately and find myself constantly digging for things I need. Seriously, it’s like whatever I need hides at the bottom of the bag and it always takes me several minutes to find it.

Anyone see the latest Harry Potter movie? Well, it’s like I have an undetectable extension charm on my purse. One day, I’ll be digging around and will find a tent in there

Anyway, I decided to buy a purse organizer from eBay. It’s not the same as the ones I saw at Landmark. This one is a long strip of fabric with pockets which you can fold to fit into your purse. It looks similar to a Purseket.

It sounds like a great deal at a little under $5, including shipping. I’m psyched! It’s shipping from Hong Kong, though, so I won’t be getting it for another 2-3 weeks. I’ll definitely take it on a test drive once I get it, and let you guys know!


18 thoughts on “Purse organizer

  1. I was just in the Philippines last month, got back last week. It’s definitely A MUST for any chick to have an organizer in their purse XD

    • anne says:

      How was your trip? I’m sure you had a blast!

      I usually make sure the purses I get have lots of pockets; but I can’t resist a cute purse — pockets or not

  2. whenever you’ve got a big bag you theres a possibility that you will dig some of your stuff if you dont get a pouch or an organizer.. lol

    I havent seen the new Potter movie yet coz I wanna finish book 7 first

    The purse organizer you bought looks cute..

    • anne says:

      Yeah, definitely. Especially since the big bags I’ve been getting aren’t coming with a lot of pockets. That should be a requirement for every bag!

      Good luck on finishing Book 7!

  3. I LOVE big bags. I want more but I have enough bags already. I love big bags that are strong and sturdy and that I can put lots of things in. But the downside is definitely that you lose things easily in there. So many times I’ve rummaged for my phone in my bag. That’s why I like to buy ones with many pockets and zips so I can organise things. Most bags SHOULD have an organiser inside…!

    A lot of my big bags have broken now because I pack them with too much stuff. Totally hate that… XD

    Let us know how the bag organiser goes! I would probably consider getting one because they’re so cheap. I think I ought to buy some new bags first and throw away old ones… :X

    • anne says:

      I agree! If not a built-in organizer, then LOTS and LOTS of pockets! Hahaha. That’s why I refrain from buying really big bags because I’d stuff them with so much stuff. The bigger the bag, the more things I realize I “need” to carry along with me.

  4. My mom has so many purse organizers – too many, actually. She’s always so organized.

    I think I might have one, but I never use it if I do. I usually don’t bring around too many things, so I’m fine without it for now.

    I do know what you’re talking about though. My school bag is always terribly unorganized. I was cleaning it out a few days and found 2 chapsticks and the eraser I’d been missing almost the entire year, among other things. I have too many chapsticks now, since I kept buying new ones to replace the ones I’d lost!

  5. I know the feeling, haha. I’ve been on that situation like forever even if the bag t hat I am using is only a medium size bag. I think I also need to get one.

  6. The day when people can invent a bag where I can put so much crap into without weighing it down, I will be happy! But for now, awesome bags with awesome compartments will have to do, hahaha.

    That purse organiser looks very handy! Let us know how it goes!

  7. Hi! Bag/Purse organizers are really helpful. I’ve been using one for years now but it’ not like the one you posted. Maybe mine is similar with the ones you saw at Landmark. I want to have an organizer that’s similar to the ones you posted. It’s pretty and it has dividers for each item! Well, mine has dividers but not as many as the ones you’ll be getting.

  8. Have never bought anything from eBay actually XD I hope you get your purse organiser right though It looks so good to be true and cheap as well!

    • anne says:

      eBay’s been good to me. I’ve bought a lot of stuff from there since I’ve joined. It’s usually small things, like cellphone dangles, phone covers, batteries, etc.

  9. Hi, i finally paid u a visit hehe. sorry for it was late. Anyways, that’s a cute organizer. As for me I always choose a bag with dividers and with small pockets. Great finds. I would most likely to check it out cos I still have a bag without dividers.

  10. oh wow you remembered my bag organizer And glad to know you’re about to get a similar one! i think that is better because you can fit it in smaller bags. mine has this standard medium frame so i can’t fit it in my smaller bags. But anyways, it’s not like i need an organizer for smaller bags, though haha

    anyway, how are you doing?? finally i’m able to visit your blog!!

  11. wow that’s really a great idea! I’ll try to find an organizer in trinoma… i like the pink one. super cute like i feel so girly.

  12. I bought a bag organizer from Trinoma ages ago but never got the chance to use it. My mom was the one who ended up using it. Hahaha I might buy a new one again considering that the inside of my bag is so messy these days. I’m definitely ashamed of it. XD

  13. So I haven’t been here in a while! haha, but I’m back

    Wow, the purse organized is a great idea! I’d love to hear how it works out

    i’d love to use one, the problem is all my things that I need are big. Like my bulky phone, my glasses case (which I need), wallet… and I’m not one to carry makeup etc. with me (i’m so not a girls girl! lol)

  14. Sis you have to show us when you get it! I wanna see what it really look like! I have a black purse organizer that my older brother bought me when we were still in Manila. I really liked it especially that i don’t like my bag to be messy. It’s very useful!

    I like the pink one!! What color did you order?

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