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One Ok Rock in NYC

One OK Rock VIP Pass

I’m holding my One OK Rock VIP Pass

One OK Rock came to New York City on February 9 to perform at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square. My friends and I bought our VIP passes the moment they went on sale in September 2013.

Since none of us live in New York and the concert was on a Sunday night, we all decided to stay in the city and travel back to our respective states the next day. One of my fellow concertgoer works in the travel industry so she was able to score us a room at the New York Marriott Marquis next door to the theater for a heavily discounted price

NYC Welcomes One OK Rock!

We all signed the fan banner welcoming One OK Rock to NYC!

Since we had VIP passes, we were allowed early entrance. Originally, we were promised at least 30 minutes early entrance which would’ve given us enough time to peruse and purchase things at the merchandise table way before the general ticket holders. However, due to extreme unorganization, we only had a 5-minute headstart.

Taka singing

Taka singing

Fortunately, we were able to secure a position at the front left of the stage. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home, so all pictures were haphazardly taken with my cellphone But it was still a great time. The theater had a great sound setup and Taka’s voice was never unclear nor drowned by the instruments during the concert.

After the concert, we were able to “meet and greet” the band members backstage. Overall, their grasp of English wasn’t excellent, so there wasn’t much conversation to be had, but it was a good experience anyway. Taka, the lead singer, greeted me with a weird look of confused recognition, “You look…?” As far as I know, we’ve never met. Perhaps he’s met my doppelganger somewhere?

I shook hands with each of the members, and thanked them for coming to New York. I also told them that I had a great time, and suggested that they consider DC for their next concert. I feel like someone must’ve told them that Americans liked hugs because each member offered me a (tight & prolonged) hug without my needing to ask for one. Plus, whenever they met a Japanese person, they’d just bow to him/her.

My hope would be for Otakon to have them as musical guests one year. I feel like they’d do a much better job with organizing a meet and greet panel than the Best Buy Theater ever did. Plus, that VIP package was a total rip. Ha.