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Shake Shack in Charm City


My friend and I have been to NYC many times, but never had the chance to try Shake Shack. So, imagine our excitement when they decided to open one in Baltimore near the end of February. We decided to give it a try when the weekend was finally nice and warm-ish. There’s a lot of buzz around Shake Shack, since it went from being a small hotdog cart to a popular restaurant. But, we were disappointed with the food.

I ordered a SmokeShack burger, fries, and a mango lemonade. The total came up to $13.14! I know it’s in a tourist area, but that price demands bigger portions. Plus, the food was nothing to write home about. I’m gonna stick to local favorites, Five Guys and Z-Burger, for better and more reasonably priced food. I’m glad I tried it, though!