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Learning to roll

Last night, Carmela and her husband held a sushi lesson/boozefest at their house. There was about 20 people or so in attendance. They asked a sushi chef at Wegmans to teach everyone how to make sushi. At $15 per person, everything was provided: appetizers, drinks, sushi mats, chopsticks, condiments, and all the sushi ingredients needed. We learned to make about 4-5 different rolls, starting with the California roll above.

With the right tools and correctly made rice, sushi is very easy to prepare. I had fun, and the hosts didn’t skimp on the ingredients. My sushi rolls had combinations of salmon, tuna, lump crab meat, crab sticks, avocado, and cucumbers. That amount of (inevitably) drunk people posed an annoyance near the end of the night, when people’s skills and attention spans started dwindling. There were lots of yelling, stumbling, and throwing things about. Massive props goes to our instructor who was calm and took it all in stride.