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Purse organizer

When I was in the Philippines last year, I saw a purse organizer at Landmark in Trinoma (Hazel bought a similar one) and just scoffed at it, thinking I didn’t need it. Well, I am now eating my words. I’ve been buying bigger bags lately and find myself constantly digging for things I need. Seriously, it’s like whatever I need hides at the bottom of the bag and it always takes me several minutes to find it.

Anyone see the latest Harry Potter movie? Well, it’s like I have an undetectable extension charm on my purse. One day, I’ll be digging around and will find a tent in there

Anyway, I decided to buy a purse organizer from eBay. It’s not the same as the ones I saw at Landmark. This one is a long strip of fabric with pockets which you can fold to fit into your purse. It looks similar to a Purseket.

It sounds like a great deal at a little under $5, including shipping. I’m psyched! It’s shipping from Hong Kong, though, so I won’t be getting it for another 2-3 weeks. I’ll definitely take it on a test drive once I get it, and let you guys know!