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Magic Argan oil?

So, I’m not a makeup person at all. I put on moisturizer with SPF, BB cream, lip balm or lip gloss, and I’m out the door.

But, whenever I pass by Sephora at the mall, I usually stop in. It’s like a playground for me. I get to try on different makeups, perfumes, lip glosses, nail polishes, etc. At the end of another productive “playtime” at Sephora, I came upon Argan oil.

Moroccan women's cooperative

Moroccan women's cooperative -

I’d never heard of it, but the description on its supposed benefits had me curious. My friend tells me that it’s an oil from nuts that can only grow in Morocco. She said Moroccan women use the oil for their hair, skin, etc., and it’s shown to have hydrating and antiaging properties. Also, part of the profits of the sale of argan oil goes to a women’s collective responsible for making all the oil sold.

According to the placard in the store, the oil can be used as a skin treatment, a moisturizer, a cuticle softener, and for treating split ends. I massaged some in my hair while my friend put some on her hands. It added some sheen in my hair—not a gross she-hasn’t-washed-her-hair-so-it’s-oily shine, but an ooh-look-at-her-healthy-hair shine—and added some softness when I ran my hand through it. My friend noticed that the oil absorbed into her hands quickly and it didn’t leave any oil residue on her palms.

Now, I’m not saying it’s some kind of miracle oil, just merely stating our first impressions. I was definitely impressed with what it could do. It was $50 :!: for a 1.7 oz (about 50 ml) bottle! Pretty steep price for a little bottle. I’ll have to find a better value from a less designer brand.

Has anyone else used argan oil? Any thoughts on it? I’d like to know how well it works in the long-term before committing to buying it.



16 thoughts on “Magic Argan oil?

  1. I’m not a makeup person too and I use that moisturizer with SPF, bb cream, and lip gloss/lip balm routine too. It’s the first time I encountered Argan oil and by the looks of it, I’m pretty interested with it too. It sounds like a wonder oil. I want to try it too but I don’t think I’ll find it here though.

  2. haven’t tried or heard that kind of oil yet. This is actually my first time hearing about it! But boy that price is indeed kinda steep

    • anne says:

      I’m sure when the oil becomes more popular, there will be more brands who carry it. And, it’ll get cheaper, too! Grabe kasi yung $50. Ang liit liit nung bote! O_o

  3. Gee, that is costly. I think that a lot of these natural products are just rip-offs, though, and usually you can find a cheaper version or even make your own. I came across this exfoliating hand scrub in the market that I got to try, and I was amazed that it left my hands feeling so soft and smooth. My boyfriend scoffed and said he could make it himself for me, with salt, oil and some lemongrass and other things. Haha.

    Olive oil is probably just as good as this argan oil. Mediterranean women used it in their hair to keep it healthy and stop it from splitting, and it’s good as lip balm and to keep the skin moisturised.

    I’m not really into beauty products either but I love natural remedies and things.

    • anne says:

      I’m sure there are those designer people that will drop that kind of money on it (-_-); I saw the lady selling the rest of her products on a shopping channel. It seems that she’s really using this argan oil on everything from concealer to lip gloss. Everything in her line had argan in the name.

      Did James make the hand scrub for you? If so, how was it?

      An all-natural facial cleanser I’ve tried had some olive oil in it. I think it was olive oil… Apparently, the oil somehow attracts dirt from your face. Sounds sort of counterintuitive, but it seemed to work. It was also expensive as it was organic so I just stuck with the free sample. LOL.

      I agree with you on natural remedies. I’ve always been a lot more comfortable using those that the ones in stores full of chemicals

  4. Sorry I forgot about answer your question regarding Real Steel, for me it’s a nice movie. At first I thought it’ll be all about robots and stuff but the story is really cute and touching.

    And regarding about the list of food to try here, feel free to email me for a list just tell me which type of restaurants/places you’ve tried already and other types of restaurants you want to try, like if you want local/Filipino food so we can narrow down places.

    So any luck in finding an alternative brand of Argan oil?

    • anne says:

      Oooh, ok. I put the movie on top of my DVD rental queue.

      Yes, I will definitely email you! Thank you! I’m sure there are a lot of places to eat in Quezon City. Ayokong pumunta sa Manila kasi eh. Masyadong traffic XD

      Marami akong nakitang brands ng argan oil pero maliliit ang mga oil percentage nila kaya mura. I wonder how less effective it’ll be if it’s not pure. I’ll keep looking

  5. Ah, i’m definitely not a makeup person either, all i put on is some coverup and a bit of eyeliner, if any haha c:
    my mum uses Argan oil for her hair! I’m not too sure how much she pays for it, but the bottle says it’s from “Live clean” “Argan oil treatment” it’s in a brown see-through bottle with a yellow sticker c:
    I’d assume it’d be cheaper than Sephora, my mum is a very frugal person haha!

    • anne says:

      That’s fantastic! How does she like it so far? And, what brand does she use? That $50 is way too much for such a small bottle!

  6. I’m not a make-up person either. Not at all. I usually just wear chapstick.

    I’ve never heard of Argan Oil, but it sounds interesting.

    That’s definitely a lot to pay for it though. I’m sure there’s a cheaper version somewhere else.

  7. I am not really familiar with it since I am not a ‘make-up person’ too. hahaha. Try asking some beauty experts for that. Make sure you read reviews first before trying them since your skin might get infected.

    • anne says:

      Fortunately, I’ve tried the oil during my visit at Sephora. I didn’t have any problems with it. I just need to find another less designer brand, so I don’t have to pay $50 for a tiny bottle

  8. Hahaha! You must be a mind-reader or something because I’ve been thinking about this oil I love it too – it makes my hair so soft and shiny! I got a 100ml bottle for free at work since we had 2 testers and I’m loving it. And it should last a while since you don’t have to use too much of it

    My dog is doing a lot better now, thanks! He’s very active again but naturally, the cancer can come back. If that happens I don’t think the vet will operate since my dog is quite old now

    I think that’s the problem with me too. I just wasn’t impressed by FFXIII and therefore never properly finished it. I’m towards the end but it’s boring me. Yeah, there are multiple endings but that’s the true ending and the other endings aren’t that happy either :| Honestly, I don’t think they should do FFXIII-3 and concentrate on FFXIII Versus instead

    • anne says:

      That’s fantastic! May I ask what brand you have? I’m not really keen on paying $50 for 50ml bottle

      I am very happy that you dog is doing better! I hope he stays in remission forever

      I’m at the chapter, but I just can’t get myself to continue. I’m getting so bored with it, but I’ve got to finish it. Ha. What did you think of FFXII? I’m currently stuck on it as I don’t know where in the story I am, so I’m thinking of restarting it after FFXIII.

      YES! They need to release Versus XIII and also Kingdom Hearts 3. Those are the games I’m excited about, but they’ve been mum about the release dates. Do it now! XD

  9. oh, this is the first time i’ve heard of argan oil; reminded me of our virgin coconut oil (but am sure some key properties are different, hehehe)! hmmm…i thought that the only ‘treatment’ for split ends is to chop (errrr, cut) it off!
    i hope you find a much cheaper brand!

  10. I’ve never heard of that Argan oil before. My skin is oily so I stay away from products that would make my skin and face more oily. I would want this for my brittle nails. Small bottle for $50 dollars is a lot!

    I hope you’ll find more info on that oil sis!

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