Random Thoughts

“Beginner” workout

I’ve been feeling fat & lazy lately, especially since I don’t have to come in to the office everyday so I decided to start exercising. I looked up some beginner workouts online and found one that seemed easy-to-follow. Everything was going well until the next day when I could barely walk. Ha. My inner thighs were hurting and very sore.

My friend, a workout expert, said that muscles tear during workouts, which causes them to be rebuilt into better, more built muscles. I likened it to the benefits of donating blood, which results in the body producing new, fresher blood to replace the blood lost. She suggested I do lunges and leg stretches and hold each position for more than 30 seconds.

I’m feeling much better now thanks to her suggestion, but it still hurts to go up and down stairs. I’ve applied some Icy Hot cream, which helped soothed the pain. I’m really hoping I’ll be feeling better tomorrow. Two days of pain is enough, thanks. No wonder I hate exercising! It never gives me that “feel-good” feeling everyone talks about. Hahaha