Stress reliever

Sometimes when I need to shake off the stress, I turn to craftmaking, mostly jewelry-making. I made a duct tape clutch some weeks ago. My particularly stressful times last year at work produced around 4 pairs of earrings & a necklace. Anyway, I was really nervous about a recent interview, so I decided to whip out my jewelry supplies and went about experimenting.

My friend bought me some beads and things last year for Christmas, and I haven’t had the chance to use them. The green, glassy ones really caught my eye so I decided to feature them in the following earrings.

These are going to be a gift for a friend this Christmas:

Green Earrings - Style B Style B - closeup
(Click the pictures to enlarge.)
While these will be another addition to my growing accessory tree:

Green Earrings - Style A Style A - closeup
(Click the pictures to enlarge.)
I’m always on the lookout for more jewelry ideas or inspiration, so if you have any suggestions. Feel free to leave me a comment below. I’m still a newbie at this, so I always welcome any and all help/advice/suggestions.


9 thoughts on “Stress reliever

  1. OMG!! really? you did that earrings??? OMG! It’s too cuute.. I love chandelier earrings.. it’s so sexyyy sis.. niiice… niiice make more and you can sell em’ online

    • anne says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you like them. I took a jewelry class last year and I’m glad to be putting it to good use. I don’t think I’m good enough to be selling them yet, though. Maybe in another year or 2

  2. I love how crafty and creative you are. You’re talented at making those! Those are such nice pieces to give away as gifts most definitely

    • anne says:

      Thanks They also tend to be cheaper since I bought my materials in bulk. Plus, I can control what style I want to better match the style of the person I’ll be giving it to.

  3. wow sis! you are so very talented on making accessories :3 hihi. that is so very cute <3<3 anyways, anong plugin gamit mo to enlarge to picture?

    • anne says:

      Thanks! I still have a lot to learn. My next goal would be to learn to make my own purse. *fingers crossed* I use a lightbox plugin Hope that helps.

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