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In your face, credit card!

From ultimaterewards.com

Image from ultimaterewards.com

I’m pretty sure my credit card company hates me. They’ve raised my APR from 8.25% to 15.25%!

But, the joke’s on them! I’m what credit card companies call a “freeloader” or a “leech” because they don’t make any money from me. The point of a credit card is essentially to provide me a convenient way of paying, while charging me for that service. However, since I pay off my credit card in full every month, they can’t charge me interest.

Another blow to them is that my credit card is a rewards card. I earn 5% on select categories and 1% on everything else. Say this month’s category is Department Stores and I managed to spend $500 in that category and $100 on non-category items. That means I’ve earned 250 points ($25)  in the Department Stores category and 10 points ($1) on the rest of my purchases. So, in one month, I’ve already earned $26 from the credit card company for using their card!

Granted, I don’t spend that much money, but you get the picture. I’m making money off their card, as opposed to the other way around. And, that brings me to my sucker punch to their face! I have collected enough points to pay off all of my Christmas/holiday shopping this year, with some points leftover

Happy holidays, greedy corporate pigs!