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Unemployment limbo

It’s been about three months since several of my coworkers and I were let go in what I like to refer to as The Reaping. Because it’s summertime and what seems like everyone – but us – is on vacation, jobhunting’s been rough I’ve been applying to at least two places each week and have only garnered interest from two places. One yielded an actual interview and the other was a misunderstanding that eventually led to a cancelled phone interview.

The interview seemed to have gone well. I felt like I had a good and easygoing rapport with the first lady I interviewed with, who would’ve become my boss. And, I felt like I answered all the questions that the second interviewer asked to the best of my ability. But, it’s been almost three weeks and I haven’t heard back, so I’m assuming that they’ve gone with another candidate. It’s a very difficult thing to know that you’ve done your best and that you have the skills for the position, but somehow they think you’re still not the right person for the job