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I worked for a shady company…

I just found out that one of work friends, Tim, was let go. His boss called him into his office right before the Christmas party to tell him that they’re restructuring the company & that his services were no longer needed. The strange thing is that he’s one of their best, if not THE best. He made the company $3 million this year on just ONE of his promos. Based on revenue reports, he’s made them more money than anyone there!

For some reason, his boss doesn’t like him. We’re unsure why. He’s shy, so maybe he doesn’t go out drinking with his boss & coworkers often? Or maybe he doesn’t suck up to his boss? We don’t know. But, as of today, three weeks later, nobody else was let go because of “restructuring.” It’s become evident that “restructuring” is just an invented reason to get rid of him.

Unfortunately, we’re not surprised. They’ve been known to resort to these tactics when they try to get rid of people they’ve grown to dislike. Most recently, it happened to the girl who replaced me.

There’s not much we can do about it, but I’ve heard that the company has many lawsuits against it for fraudulent claims, false advertising, and who knows what else. (They’re a financial company.) I’m really hoping that the SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission) finally shuts them down

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In your face, credit card!


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I’m pretty sure my credit card company hates me. They’ve raised my APR from 8.25% to 15.25%!

But, the joke’s on them! I’m what credit card companies call a “freeloader” or a “leech” because they don’t make any money from me. The point of a credit card is essentially to provide me a convenient way of paying, while charging me for that service. However, since I pay off my credit card in full every month, they can’t charge me interest.

Another blow to them is that my credit card is a rewards card. I earn 5% on select categories and 1% on everything else. Say this month’s category is Department Stores and I managed to spend $500 in that category and $100 on non-category items. That means I’ve earned 250 points ($25)  in the Department Stores category and 10 points ($1) on the rest of my purchases. So, in one month, I’ve already earned $26 from the credit card company for using their card!

Granted, I don’t spend that much money, but you get the picture. I’m making money off their card, as opposed to the other way around. And, that brings me to my sucker punch to their face! I have collected enough points to pay off all of my Christmas/holiday shopping this year, with some points leftover

Happy holidays, greedy corporate pigs!

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My replacement

So, it’s been almost a year since I’ve quit my job. (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) When I first left, I was very curious of my replacement—whether she was doing well or not. Some of my former coworkers have said she was no me. After several months, I figured she was doing well as I hadn’t heard any complaints about her.

Out of the blue, one of my friends told me that my replacement has been let go. Apparently, she was let go because she didn’t have enough experience and didn’t have the right skill set for the job. I feel really bad for her, as she’s almost a year in and they’ve waited this long to let her go. If they had so many problems with her, they should’ve addressed it with her sooner or trained her. OR, maybe they shouldn’t have hired her at all!

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What’s with all the spam?

Comment spam

Leftover unmoderated comments

Over the past few days, I’ve noticed an uptick in spam comments in my dashboard. Email notifications are set up when comments go into moderation so my email has been blowing up lately! I’m assuming the traffic is good for my blog as it’ll help bump up my page ranking?

Funnily enough, those icons represent exactly what I think of these spammers.

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mini hiatus and update

Hi guys! My mini hiatus was due to me going on vacation for a little over a week, but more on that later.

Anyhoo, I’d like to thank EVERYONE for their advice/suggestions/comments/etc. about how to deal with my bridesmaid issues from the last post.

With all your suggestions/advice/comments in mind, I talked to my close friends about it. We’ve decided to come up with a compromise for the bride. I would still attend her wedding, but would bow out of her bridal shower and her 2 bachelorette parties as these would help save me a lot of money. I would still be paying for my dress, my shoes, the gifts, and my hair & makeup, but at least I would be paying about $500-600 less. A good compromise, we thought, as she was pushing for my presence at her wedding, no matter what.

Well, she wouldn’t accept it. She said it was very important for me to be at all the events as her friend, and I didn’t need to buy her gifts to make up for it. I’m not sure how much money she thought I was gonna spend on her shower and wedding gifts, but it was not going to equal the $500-600 I would’ve saved by not going to the parties. I told her that, financially, this compromise was the best choice for me and I didn’t understand why, as my friend, she couldn’t understand. I told her that I was done talking to her as she wasn’t listening to me at all, and that I was out of her wedding.

She then told me, if I wanted, she and her mom would now cover all of my expenses. Of course, by this time, I was already seething and just didn’t want to be in her wedding anymore. But, I kept my cool. I told her that I didn’t want to owe anyone money just to be in the wedding. I said I thought it was unfair for me to ask anyone to cover for me as it was my fault I couldn’t afford it, not hers.

When she wouldn’t back down, I told her that I was finished dealing with her. I said I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t compromise with me, and why she didn’t understand that I couldn’t dip into my savings or borrow money from my parents (something she was open to me doing) just to be in her wedding.