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The Reaping

After the owner of our company was charged with fraud by the SEC and our former CEO and CFO mishandling funds, our company’s financial status has been in limbo. The work atmosphere has been tension-filled for a month because nobody knew what was going to happen. Were we going to come in to the building one day and our key cards would stop working because we’ve shut down? Were they going to let us go one-by-one? Will we be sold to another company? Upper management kept us in the dark and tried to make it seem like everything was okay, even though everyone had a feeling it wasn’t.

Then, word spread that they laid off the part-time sourcing assistant on Wednesday. The next day they laid off the part-time apparel developer and a full-time sales associate. Everyone felt like something big was going to go down today. There were whispers: “I have a bad feeling about Friday. Be ready.”

And, they were right. Before the morning was over, almost 50% of the building was gone. It was surreal. I had prepared myself for it for days leading up to it, but it just didn’t sink in right away. I hugged a lot of people – all while trying not to cry. This was the first job I’ve had where I actually liked my coworkers and my boss

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St. Patrick’s Day potluck

St. Patrick's Day #potluck at work #food #foodfatty #latergram

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Our HR lady decided to do a green food potluck and invited people in the company to participate. Pretty good spread, I think. I made the cucumbers stuffed with Old Bay crab on the left. My favorites were the pesto ravioli, and the ice cream Jell-o squares.

Random Thoughts, Work

Why I didn’t like my boss (ongoing)

My last boss was my most disliked boss of all-time. (All-time meaning that I’ve only had 3 major bosses in my lifetime and, so far, she’s been the worst.) I don’t think she’s a particularly mean person; just a highly unhappy one, who probably wanted to spread that unhappiness to everyone around her.

So, here goes my list, which I will keep updating as I remember more:

  1. She timed every conversation I would have with anyone at my desk, whether I would be on the phone, or at my desk, or at someone else’s office. When she felt like it was too long for a conversation (10 minutes), she would interrupt the conversation by pretending that she needed me or by paging me on the intercom for everyone to hear.
  2. I was forbidden to take walks. (She even threatened me with termination if I kept taking walks.)
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A new job!

All the positivity I’ve been collecting from the universe regarding one of my previous posts must’ve finally caught up to me because I finally have a new job. Funnily enough, just last week, my friend and I were in the city for a summer festival by the water, and I remarked to her how great it would be to work in the area.

My first day was nice. There was another new hire, who had a Serenity quote on the back of his car, so we bonded a bit on that. Someone also celebrated his birthday during my first day, so that was nice. All in all, I have a good feeling about this job, especially since all of my other previous ones haven’t been great.

Looks like the tarot lady’s first prediction came true…


A matchmaker you’re not

2 hearts on stones

My friend, Kel, loves matchmaking. He’s not particularly good at it, nor has he had any successful pairings. But, he never lets that deter him.

In the 4 years I’ve known him, he’s tried to pair me with 5 guys:

  • John, who regularly parked next to me at my old job
  • Mark, who I looked up to like an older brother
  • Ray, who Kel thought “had a thing for Asian girls”
  • Tim, who somehow always ended up sitting near me during lunches
  • James, who’s probably gay

He’d always make up all these situations that he wanted me to recreate. Situations that he thought would somehow make us fall in love, like in the movies. As you can tell, he has a very active imagination. Of course, I’d play along and help him concoct these elaborate setups, but eventually he realized I’d never really put them into practice. I’m pretty sure one of them had us fighting zombies :!: and somehow ending up dancing in a Coke commercial. Like I said, active imagination… and not rooted in this reality

Well, he eventually gave up on the guys since I was clearly not attracted to any of them. The only one I admitted to finding attractive was James, the gay one, but I figured he was a safe choice since nothing would ever happen. He agrees, but for some reason, he’s still holding on to this one…