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Sponge Cola CDs

When my parents came back from their Philippine vacation, they brought back some great “pasalubong” (homecoming gifts). My most anticipated one was Sponge Cola‘s latest CD, Araw Oras Tagpuan. I have all the other Sponge Cola albums, which my father forgot. So, when the sales lady at SM Fairview showed him their Sponge Cola CD inventory, he bought them all

No complaints! I like the extras that the repacks had. In the (hopefully near) future, I’m thinking of holding a giveaway of sorts to promote my blog by giving away my extra Sponge Cola CDs and perhaps some cute things I find in my favorite shops. So, watch out for that!

Random Thoughts

Halloween nails!

Shatter nail polish

Shatter nail polish

I’ve had my white, glittery nails for a week, so I decided to recycle my old manicure by adding this black crackle.

Just in time for Halloween, me thinks

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End of December raffle

Lots o' bags

Whoa, 10 purses!

Unbeknownst to me, my grandmother and aunt in the Philippines hold an end of December raffle in their provincial town giving away various things. They’ve asked my parents to bring some potential giveaways when they visit this month.

Instead of purchasing things, I volunteered to donate some bags that I’ve never used or only used once or twice. I figured someone else can enjoy them more than I did, and it’ll help unclutter my closet. (While some girls collect shoes, I collect purses.) Continue reading


Let’s get crafty…

Duck tape clutch

After seeing this Youtube video on how to make your own duct tape clutch, I decided to make my own. I bought the zebra patterned duct tape as my base color, and used my brother’s red tape as my accent and flower color. It was easy to get all the materials at my local AC Moore.

The zipper was the dilemma as none of the arts & crafts places in my area carried it. I resorted to buying it online. Jennie at ZipIt on etsy was very helpful and offers a large variety of zippers at a great value. As I had no need for bulk, I ordered 5

I admit that my first creation isn’t perfect, but I love it! It is now my daily wallet. I added some extra pockets on the inside to hold my cards and receipts. As I still have a lot of duct tape leftover, I’m thinking of making another fashion-related duct tape accessory… perhaps a wallet… hmm…

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Peabody Institute

Peabody Institute - Library Peabody Institute - Library (Side) Peabody Institute - Library (Levels) Peabody Institute - Spiral Staircase
(Click the pictures to enlarge.)
During last weekend’s Baltimore Book Festival, Johns Hopkins University opened the Peabody Institute to the public. The library is breathtaking. Mostly everyone who entered the room stopped and gasped. I would LOVE to have lived there! Plus, the spiral staircase is beautiful! My friend joked and called the Institute “Hogwarts”